Do you have bats flying in and around your house?

Professional Bat Remover in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, FL

In Providing Professional Wildlife Trapping & Animal Removal Service For Jacksonville, Orange Park, Mandarin, Ponte Vedra Beach & Saint Augustine animal and wildlife control is no easy task, but A1 Trapper is up to the challenge especially when it comes bats. Bats are annoying, flying, furry menaces. They infest attics and local hiding places. Bats are also known to carry rabies. If they are in your home and bite you in your sleep, you might not even notice! Bat control is a big part of making sure your property is safe and free of pests.

Bats Found at the Source

Bat control experts at A1 Trapper are highly trained in all the technical aspects of bat removal, but we also know how they colonize, where they like to breed, and where they like to feed. That’s how we find bats.

The problem with bats is that they drop guano (feces) and leave a bad odor in the area they are inhabiting. The odor can draw more critters to the area, and can cause a more extreme wildlife situation quickly.

Bat Control With Care

Our bat control can include a degree of empathy toward the animals when the situation permits. We don’t only smoke them out, so to speak; we try to handle bat control in a way that’s environmentally responsible, too. If you think you have a bat problem, call A1 Trapper, your bat control center.

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